Stock Up For Cold & Flu Season - Vending Superstore

Are you prepared this cold and flu season? We have a range of great products that are ideal for the workplace.

Hand Sanitiser 500ml – Our hand sanitiser is proving to be a huge hit, at just £2.45 + VAT . Fusion hand sanitiser gel is an effective hand sanitiser that kills germs without the need to use water. After dispensing the sanitiser, users can simply lather into hands until it evaporates and dries. Enriched and approved formula is tested to work on 99.9% of bacteria, including bugs such as MRSA. Tissues – We stock both Kleenex extra large tissues and our ever popular cube tissues – great for keeping on your desk.

Dettol Spray – Grab this antibacterial surface cleaner and make sure that your surroundings are perfectly clean and hygienic. It kills 99.99% of bacteria and viruses, including E. coli, salmonella, MRSA and the flu virus, while thanks to the special non-bleach and no taint formulation it is suitable to be used in food environments. Perfect to clean chopping boards, fridges and bins, as well as kitchen sinks, baths and taps, this fragrance free cleaner spray leaves the surfaces being cleaned with no scent, chemical residues or streaks.

Carex Professional Handsoap 5L – Keep your hands clean with Carex Professional hand wash. For everyone who wants to ensure maximum hygiene for their hands, this liquid Professional hand soap from Carex is the ideal product to grab. Research has shown over 77% of customers prefer to use Carex hand wash in public bathrooms. Carex has a Triple moisturising action and is dermatologically tested. Carex kills 99.9% of bacteria, is dermatologically tested by experts and suitable for regular use.

Hand Soaps – Shop our great range of hand soaps in a range of different sizes and fragrances. Whatever you need this cold and flu season, we’re sure to have the right products for you.