Paper hand towels

Vending Superstore offers an essential range of paper hand towels, perfect for maintaining hygiene in any bathroom setting. Our towels are a hygienic, cost effective solution for hand drying, suitable for public and private restrooms alike. Paper hand towels are a superior alternative to shared cloth towels, significantly reducing the spread of germs and bacteria with each user having access to a fresh, clean towel. They are an economical choice, providing an affordable way to uphold high hygiene standards without excessive costs. Our range is versatile, ideal for various environments such as offices, restaurants, public facilities, or home bathrooms. Choose from a wide selection that meets diverse needs in size, absorbency, and softness. Vending Superstore ensures quality, sourcing towels from reputable manufacturers for durability and effectiveness. Shop easily and conveniently on our user friendly online store, making it simple to keep your restroom facilities well stocked and hygienic. Select Vending Superstore for reliable paper hand towels, ensuring a clean and sanitary bathroom experience. Shop with us today for a practical hygiene solution.

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PRO C-Fold 1 Ply Green Paper Towels - 22x31cm (1x2400) - Vending SuperstorePRO C-Fold 1 Ply Green Paper Towels - 22x31cm (1x2400) - Vending Superstore
Splash XL Kitchen Towel - Vending Superstore
Splash XL Kitchen Towel
Sale price£1.69
PRO C-Fold 1 Ply Blue Paper Towels - 22x31cm (1x2400) - Vending Superstore

Paper Hand Towels

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