Boxed facial tissues

Ensure day to day comfort and preparedness in your workspace with Vending Superstore's range of desk tissues. Our selection of tissue boxes is perfect for keeping on desks, in communal areas, or anywhere quick access to tissues is needed. Our tissues are soft and gentle, suitable for sensitive use and all skin types, providing comfort with each use. The boxes are compact and convenient, designed to fit seamlessly on any desk or in various settings like reception areas and meeting rooms. Tissues are essential for hygienic handling of unexpected coughs, sneezes, and sniffles, especially in shared office environments. They offer convenience and show consideration for colleagues, ensuring everyone has easy access to tissues. Shop with Vending Superstore for a variety of tissue options, making it easy to stay prepared for those unexpected moments. Find the perfect tissue solution for your desk and workspace needs today.

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Kleenex Tissue Cube (Single Box) - Vending Superstore
Kleenex Ultra Soft Tissues - Box of - Vending Superstore
Softy - Cosmetic Cube Tissues 2ply - Box of 24 Cubes - Vending SuperstoreSofty - Cosmetic Cube Tissues 2ply - Box of 24 Cubes - Vending Superstore
Kleenex Compact Box Extra Large Tissues - 2 pack - Vending Superstore
Kleenex Cube Balsam Tissues - 56 Fill - Vending Superstore

Boxed Facial Tissues

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