Urinal screens & blocks

Vending Superstore offers an essential range of urinal screens, perfect for maintaining hygiene and freshness in restrooms. These screens are a crucial component in controlling odours and catching debris like gum and cigarettes, ensuring urinals stay clean and presentable. Our urinal screens are specifically designed for effective odour neutralisation, providing a consistently pleasant restroom environment. Additionally, they release a refreshing scent, further enhancing the bathroom ambiance. The inclusion of day tabs on our screens aids in easy maintenance, indicating when to replace them for optimal performance. Choose our urinal screens for their multifunctional benefits, essential in any public or workplace restroom. They offer a simple, efficient solution to common restroom challenges, with a variety of options to meet different needs. Shop with Vending Superstore for urinal screens that contribute significantly to restroom cleanliness and user satisfaction. Explore our range today for a more hygienic and welcoming restroom experience.

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Individually Wrapped Urinal Screen Yellow - Mango Scent - Vending Superstore
Domestos Professional - Urinal Blocks - 3kg - Vending Superstore
Domestos Rim Block - Power 5 - Pink Magnolia - Vending Superstore
Individually Wrapped Urinal Screen Red - Apple Scent - Vending Superstore

Urinal Screens & Blocks

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