Outdoors, damp, mould & mildew

Tackle moisture related challenges in the UK's damp climate with Vending Superstore's specially selected range. We provide a variety of solutions from trusted brands like Flash, Astonish, and Stardrops, designed to combat and prevent dampness in homes and offices. Our selection includes moisture absorbers and dehumidifiers, crucial for preventing damp, mould, and mildew build-up. We also offer powerful cleaning solutions to maintain affected surfaces, ensuring they remain hygienic and mould-free. For preventative care, explore our range of sealants and protective coatings. Choose Vending Superstore for products tailored to the UK climate, ensuring your space stays dry and comfortable. Shop with us for convenience, quality, and effective solutions to stay ahead of the dampness.

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Cif Cream Cleaner - Pink Flower 500ml - Vending Superstore
Astonish Mould & Mildew Remover Spray - 750ml - Vending Superstore
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Astonish The Thing Miracle Cleaning Paste - 450g - Vending Superstore
Astonish The Thing Miracle Cleaning Paste - 450g
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Bar Keepers Friend Power Spray - 500ml - Vending Superstore
Bar Keepers Friend Power Cream Surface Cleanser - 350ml - Vending Superstore
Flash Professional - Spray Sanitary Cleaner - 750ml - Vending Superstore
Cif Cream Cleaner - Original White 500ml - Vending Superstore
Elbow Grease Power Paste 500g - Vending Superstore

Outdoors, Damp, Mould & Mildew

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