A Quick Guide to Choosing Coffee

We appreciate that all the coffee lingo can sometimes seem a bit daunting, so we've put together this simple guide to help you navigate through the maze of coffee beans. Remember, there's no right or wrong when it comes to choosing your beans. It's all about finding what tastes best for you. Our team are happy to help on 01773 252052 if you need any further advice.

Arabica vs Robusta
Arabica: These are pricier, high-quality beans. They have a smooth, sweet flavour with hints of sugar, fruit, and berries. Robusta: Cheaper and easier to grow, these beans are strong and nutty with a hint of chocolate. They have double the caffeine of Arabica.

You'll often find blends that combine Arabica and Robusta. These blends aim to offer the best of both worlds - the smooth, pleasing taste of Arabica and the strong, robust punch of Robusta.

Intensity and Strength
Intensity: Refers to the richness and depth of flavour, influenced by the bean type, growth location, and roast. Strength: Indicates how darkly the coffee is roasted, affecting the robustness of the coffee's flavour. It does not relate to caffeine content.

We've produced a combined score out of 10 for our top selling coffee blends, this is based on intensity and strength combined. This is not an indication of quality or preference.

Flavour Notes
Sometimes you'll read that a coffee has "notes" of something, like chocolate or wood. This doesn't mean someone tossed a chocolate bar or a bit of timber into the coffee during processing. It's a way to describe the subtle flavours you might taste in the coffee besides the standard "coffee" taste. For example, a coffee with 'notes of chocolate' will have a slight chocolaty taste in addition to the usual coffee flavour. Same for 'notes of wood' – expect a flavour reminiscent of something toasty or earthy.

Name Strength Blend Tasting Notes Notes
Amber Coffee Co FUEL 6 25% Robusta
75% Arabica
Rich dark chocolate and caramel notes Top Selling Own Label
Amber Coffee Co RUSH 8 33% Robusta
67% Arabica
Subtle hints of dark chocolate notes Great for all day drinking
Amber Coffee Co House Blend 9 Robusta & Arabica Blend Notes of caramel, cedar and dark chocolate Fantastic value option
Lavazza Gold Selection 5 30% Robusta
70% Arabica
Honey & Almond
Lavazza Super Crema 6 40% Robusta
60% Arabica
Hazelnuts & Brown Sugar Top Seller
Lavazza Expert Aroma Top 6 100% Arabica Cereal Note & Dried Fruit Aftertaste 100% Arabica, Rainforest Alliance
Lavazza Expert Aroma Piu 7 40% Robusta
60% Arabica
Honey & Dried Fruit
Lavazza Expert Crema Classica 7.5 60% Robusta
40% Arabica
Dark Chocolate & Spices
Lavazza Gran Espresso 8 60% Robusta
40% Arabica
Cocoa & Black Pepper
Lavazza Expert Crema and Aroma 8.5 60% Robusta
40% Arabica
Dried Fruits & Precious Woods Top Seller
Lavazza Expert Gusto Pieno 9 80% Robusta
20% Arabica
Roasted & Precious Woods
Lavazza Expert ¡Tierra! Bio-Organic Intense 9 Arabica and Robusta mix Dried Fruit & Aromatic Wood UTZ organic and Rainforest Alliance
Lavazza 'Dek' Decaf Decaf 40% Robusta
60% Arabica
Roasted cereals and barrique. Decaf