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FLAVIA systems offer a premium hot drink experience in the workplace. With industry-leading reliability, these hassle-free brewers serve a variety of high-quality drinks in under 40 seconds. Using the unique Freshpack™ system, each drink is brewed directly from the pack to cup, ensuring distinct, coffee shop quality taste with no cross-over. Enjoy a wide range of familiar brands at the push of a button, perfectly replicating the taste found in your favourite coffee shops.

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Lavazza Flat White Flavia Drinks - Pack Of 100 Sachets / Freshpacks - Vending Superstore
Save at least 50%
Select Green Tea Flavia Drinks - Pack Of 140 Sachets / Freshpacks - Vending Superstore
Flavia 9oz Paper Cups - Case of 1000 - Vending Superstore

Wholesale Flavia Drinks / Freshpacks - Refills for Flavia Machines

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