Nescafe & Go Machine & Refills

Designed specifically for small and large businesses, with an eye catching design, and, lots of features the latest Nescafe & Go machine will provide a smooth experience.

An entry-level coffee to go machine that could make you over £10,000!The potential revenue of installing an entry-level coffee vending machine is £10,950 a year. That’s selling 20 cups a day at the Nestle RRP of £1.50 per cup and with 77.5p profit per cup your machine would pay for its self after just 200 cups, that’s just 10 days worth of sales!

The machine is plug and play out of the box with no plumbing required - you simply need a plug socket and a counter space. Each drink is foil sealed for freshness, simply pull the foil seal off of the cup and place under the machine.

Easy to Set Up

We know you're busy running your business, that's why the Nescafe & Go machine is incredibly easy to set up.

Simply unbox the machine, plug it in and fill with water. It's as easy as that. The machine initially heats in approximately 11 minutes and then maintains a high temperature. Each drink is dispensed within roughly a 10 second window and the tank holds 5 litres which is around 15 drinks.

The Nescafe & Go machine is so easy to use. Select the drink, pull the foil seal and fill with hot water and go! We recommend each drink retails for at least £1.50 - with customers either paying at the till point or via an honesty system. As this machine is typically designed for shops and convenience stores, no coin acceptor is compatible with this machine.

Nescafe & Go Foil Sealed Drinks

The Nescafe & Go machine uses foil sealed drinks, this means the ingredients are already in the cups. Simply pull the foil seal, place the cup under the machine and dispense hot water. Add sugar if required and stir.

Each Nescafe & Go refill sleeve typically contains 8 branded foil sealed drinks. Each of these drinks is a premium 12oz branded cup with an RRP of £1.50. Premium ingredients such as Nescafe Gold Blend, Aero Hot Chocolate and Tetley tea are sure to be a hit with your customers.

Here at Vending Superstore we stock the full range of Nescafe & Go refills at great cheap prices. We also offer a selection of compatiables that will also work with your machine as well as a selection of hand picked value packs to get you started in a hurry.

A Great Range

From black coffee to vanilla latte, the range has something to suit all tastes.

We sell everything from the Nescafe & Go range including Gold Blend white & black, cappuccino, hot chocolate, latte and even Tetley tea.We also sell a great range of value packs as well as 12oz foil seal compatible drinks which will also fit your Nescafe & Go machine. In winter our range of soups are also a real hit with many of our customers.

Not sure which products to stock? Our value and mega packs offer an assortment of everything.