Lakeland Long Life Semi Skimmed Milk Portion Pots / Jiggers - Pack of 120

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- Semi Skimmed Milk

- 12ml Per Pot

- 120 Per Box

- Long Lasting

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Enjoy the Creamy Convenience of Lakeland Long Life Semi Skimmed Milk Portion Pots / Jiggers - Pack of 120

Whether you're setting up a hospitality tray, embarking on a camping trip, or need a convenient milk solution for hotel rooms, Lakeland Long Life Semi Skimmed Milk Portion Pots / Jiggers are the perfect choice. Each pot contains 12ml of delicious semi skimmed milk, making it an ideal companion for teas and coffees.

Versatile and Practical: These handy 12ml milk pots from Lakeland are designed for various settings. They are perfect for busy offices without refrigeration, corporate events, or as a backup when you're running low on milk. Experience the surprising freshness of Lakeland milk, with only half the fat of whole milk.

Portioned for Efficiency: The Lakeland milk pots are portioned to minimize waste when serving milk in large quantities. This ensures that you can provide the right amount of milk without any unnecessary leftovers.

Long Shelf Life: Rest assured that the Lakeland semi-skimmed milk pots have a long shelf life, allowing you to store them without refrigeration worry-free. Say goodbye to concerns about milk going off while being outside the fridge.

Experience the Creamy Goodness: These Lakeland Semi-Skimmed UHT cartons deliver the perfect creamy component for any hot drink. Whether you're enjoying a relaxing cup of tea or a rich coffee, the velvety texture of semi-skimmed milk enhances every sip.

Indulge in Convenience and Freshness: With 120 individual milk pots in each pack, you'll have an ample supply of Lakeland Long Life Semi Skimmed Milk Portion Pots / Jiggers at your fingertips. Embrace the convenience of portioned milk without compromising on freshness.

Elevate your tea and coffee experiences with Lakeland Long Life Semi Skimmed Milk Portion Pots / Jiggers. Order your pack of 120 individual milk pots today and ensure you always have the perfect amount of milk on hand.

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Q: How much milk is in each portion pot / jigger?
A: Each Lakeland milk portion pot / jigger contains 12ml of semi skimmed milk, providing the perfect amount for a cup of tea or coffee.

Q: Can these milk portion pots / jiggers be used in hot drinks?
A: Absolutely! These Lakeland milk portion pots / jiggers are specifically designed for use in hot drinks such as tea and coffee. The semi skimmed milk adds a creamy touch to enhance the flavor of your favorite beverages.

Q: Are these milk portion pots / jiggers suitable for offices without fridges?
A: Yes! Lakeland Long Life Semi Skimmed Milk Portion Pots / Jiggers are an excellent solution for offices without refrigeration. Their long shelf life eliminates the need for refrigeration and ensures you have milk available when you need it.




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